Program Participant

Apply to be a participant of the Step Up program

If you are…

…a young adult between the ages of 18 and 24

…seeking an affordable and safe place to live

…motivated to set goals and work with adult mentors to help attain your goals

…willing to work with adult mentors to help attain your goals

…able to live in a structured setting

…interested in becoming a part of a Christian community

…Step Up may be for you!

We believe success looks like this

✓ Life and social skill advancement

✓ Steady employment

✓ Active in community service

✓ Practicing financial stewardship

✓ Stable independent living

✓ A driver’s license

✓ Educational advancement

✓ Ability to make great choices

✓ Equipped with a life plan

✓ Connection with a local church

The Application Process

Application and Review

Tour of Step Up house

Interview at the Step Up house

Information Gathering (reference checks, health screen, etc.)

Communicating a Decision

Apply using our online form...

...or print and complete this document.

Program Participant Application.pdf

Submit your paper application by mailing it to our address.

Step Up may recommend other community resources if one or more of the following is true:

  • The individual does not meet the admission criteria.
  • If a young woman is pregnant.
  • If the applicant has dependent children living with him or her.
  • The applicant is not ready to commit to the opportunities and responsibilities available to him or her at Step Up.
  • When an alternative housing option would be a better fit.